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In the Deepest Blue Night

A young woman  anchored in trust

free to explore ,  spontaneity  comes easily , carrying a heart wide open and kind .

A sense of  mystery , somewhere , alive inside .

Come I’ll introduce you to a place and a space where your mind says “oooh it’s new ” and your deep self  recognizes  it as home .

Traveling up and up a winding road , slowly and surely , to a destination unknown  .

In the deepest , blue night a hill top gently sloping

arrival breathes awe

as millions of stars bring me in towards their stories .

Their wisdom is timeless ,  their love infinite  . That moment with the stars was fearless mystery

and lives in my veins .


Where the Comfort Lives

Comfort in my wings

and freeing  souls to sing .

Carried into life unloved and unknown  .

Is now the time to be seen ?

Unfurling the wings in time .

Soaring into light

to live and to give and give .

A sweet sound comes alive

as laughter comes to reside .

And in my heart will



love and love and love .

'Release'    soft chalk pastels    2012 #11

‘Release’ soft chalk pastels 2012