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In this Moment Here with Me

We despair over the unknown and yet it is there that we are free . It could cage you

if thats what you choose or set you free to be

in this moment here with me .

We surrender to fear and like an expert jewel thief it robs us of life . It’s not the fear that guides and protects , but the one that steals your heart away .

We live so as to love and to love means to risk it all . Mind , heart and soul .

We despair over the losses of our loves . The family , friends and the  ones unknown to us that are suddenly gone  from life .

Left to our worries and left with our kind thoughts of hugs and laughter and of days shared in sunshine and in rain .

We touch each other’s  existence and must remember  that it is so much more .  It is not in judgement that lifts a life but in kindness that an eternal thread lives on .

In this moment here with me your life will live on .


IMG_0829The courage I needed arrived in the quiet , in the dark . It was the strength of her trust and her faith

that fed me when I was too exhausted to eat. It was her child like pleas for Chocolate that me gave fleeting

smiles like a light in the darkness of fear.

She was a light in my life .

Holding her frail hand was easy . Letting it go …heartbreak .