Barbara Leigh Chapman

Brooklyn Heights, N.Y.C. is where  I grew up. It afforded me many opportunities to experience  art, music and the lively flavors of different cultures all under one umbrella .

I was keenly aware of the unique way that life could grab hold and push and test one’s stamina .  Loved it  I  did , though I  could  not deny feeling  a driving force to know the flow of life in other  places . One’s with a smaller population and where the trees and the sky dominate the views rather than skyscrapers  .

I  looked at a map of the United states  and chose .  I picked up and  moved to the Pacific Northwest . I was in my  late in my twenties and  I had not been to the area before. I looked at a map and thought ” it’s on a coast, it has mountains and livable cities,why not ?”  I gambled that new challenges would enrich and grow my mind and spirit  for the better . I am grateful that I took the leap.

Out of all the experiences that I have sought out  in my life, the one that  arrived with out acrequest has had the most profound effect. It was my other’s end of life journey. It transformed us both as we went through it separate  yet together .

She and I were very close.We guided each other with love,respect and humor. As two grown women, we sometimes got a case of the giggles like children.

It is my gift to her and to anyone who may be in need of knowing that they are not alone in the challenges of loss.IMG_1972

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