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Fearless Mystery

Trading the idea of comfort for mystery , it comes and then it goes.


The familiar is already alive inside and goes where you go .


The mystery you imagine is alive inside


in the stars up above , in the mountain that you see and in  the whispers  among the trees .


in the depths of your eyes , in the love you seek and in the nudges from your soul

to grow .

‘Essence ‘

There Go Eye

Waking up amidst the moments of imaging and living ,

there go eye .

In clear sight I see the waves  and choose to roll over them

and yearn to play .

The light draws me in and lets the laughter

go and all the while I roll and roll .

Waking up amidst a dream and clear blue light .

There is  a rhythm  and it is in

your heart .

The Earth’s Heart


Sweet Dreams and Release

The Challenges that i feel growing in my heart .

arriving from beyond the gate of peace .

There is a spirit of fire crackling in my bones

waiting to roar and to say it’s release .

This day will not end in anger nor in disgrace ,

but will leave in color and in a heart’s warm embrace .

Wild Hope

I’ve learned that it does not suit me too well to sit in the quiet of hope but , rather , to be in the wild of it .  This is not to say that there isn’t  great value in quieting the mind . There is , there truly  is .   There are those delicious times when hope lives it’s mightiest in the doing , in the wild side , the wild side of hope .

'Jewel of Life' Acrylic 18x17"

‘Jewel of Life’ Acrylic 18×17″

The Door

Will you walk along with me ….towards the door ?

Yes  I will .

I will hold your hand . will you hold mine ?

Yes I will .

Oh wait !  Just a moment  . I’m suddenly not so sure .  If you’re scared then I’m scared too .

what to do ? What to do ? !

Gentle smiles and quiet glances soothed away the fears .  For now…  the way was clear .

I could only go as far as the door .  You had to do the rest .

Stepping back to let you go  and  leaving tears  upon your cheek .

Our adventure began long ago  and the time has come to start again .

Sweet peace to you .'Out of the Storm'    soft chalk pastel   2012 #10

Deeply in the Heart

It may be a difficult road to feel things so deeply , but also a magnificent one .

2037-10-04 09.18.27There is an inexplicable sorrow that visits the heart at times . In a moment it appears like going around  bend in the road and ….. suddenly beholding the sight of a mountain seeming  larger than life . It appears and can be manipulated away  if we choose .

What if we open the door and walk right into it ?  Perhaps it is the past .  The moments that we let slide by without giving  recognition to their  beauty or pain .

Wherever they came from embrace them .  Embrace them and breathe them in so as to experience the sweet release of freedom . Now live and breathe out  while feeling the arrival of luscious laughter and joy .  Joy needing no reason for being . It simply is there for you .  



I belong to the birds and to the trees

And to the flowers and the sky .

and to the bees and to the dreams ,

And the rivers and the streams .

I belong to the mountains and the rolling hills

And to the stars in the sky .

My beginning  knows no bounds .

Endings become beginnings  become endings become beginnings .


'Beauty going In'  oil pastel   2012

‘Beauty going In’
oil pastel 2012

Courage : The Grace of Homeless Youth


Their  courage lives in their  willing hearts .

It shines brightly in their vulnerability and in their  continuing resurrection  of hope .

Hope in circumstances that most would proclaim to be hopeless .

Shinning on in Courage !