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The breath of joy sometimes waits …with longing  to be a part of  the breeze .

To dance among the trees and to tickle  the ocean’s surface  it waits .  Creating the dips and

highs for the light to play and play .  And intertwining with sun sending shimmering nuances

here and there.

The breath of sadness , sometimes mindful , might remain in your cells for years  .

Ancient tears may turn up

and hold you like a blanket  all the while asking to be freed .

The breath of freedom … is pure love .  It knows no bounds and soars and floats and glides .

Imagine a translucent  , shimmering and infinite  stream of light moving within and through


of life . It is continuous  and generous

unless it is stopped .

Breathe and awaken the light .

There is light

My heart is always filled with hope for the best outcome and my soul knows that compassion created and given away today is what lives in eternity and is passed on from one life to another life . I also know that the sorrows that we carry in our hearts are interwoven with our triumphs . It’s not always the happy , rosy picture but there is always space to heal and to do better for one another and for our precious home , earth .

Wildness In The Air

The quiet is palpable . I hear a bird singing every so often . A good sign I think ..or is it ?  The smoke filled air coats my tongue and reaches back into my throat . It’s a constant . You can’t get away from it . The denseness is uncomfortable like a coat that you’d rather not wear . Only you can’t take it off. My heart aches and breaks when I allow my thoughts to turn towards the animals that don’t understand why their environment is burning and why they must try to flee .

Nature is has been calling to us for years and years and as we burn our house down will we learn ? We are taking our own breath away .

The sacredness of all life in a single breath

And in a single tree .

A Single Breath Floats Quietly Towards the Heavens

Walking and walking only for the sake of being .  Chains become freedom and whispers become  words . Words that release the power of connection to lifetimes past ,  this moment here and now and of the dreams yet to materialize .

The steps become an expansive mind .  The mind moves away from ego and boundaries between the earth and spirit are moving within each other  easily .  I may become one with it’s flow as mightily  as with you .

And the magnificence  held so dear in a single moment , in a single breath floats quietly towards the heavens .  It is celebrated amongst the stars and with  each beating heart is remembered  .