Deeply in the Heart

It may be a difficult road to feel things so deeply , but also a magnificent one .

2037-10-04 09.18.27There is an inexplicable sorrow that visits the heart at times . In a moment it appears like going around  bend in the road and ….. suddenly beholding the sight of a mountain seeming  larger than life . It appears and can be manipulated away  if we choose .

What if we open the door and walk right into it ?  Perhaps it is the past .  The moments that we let slide by without giving  recognition to their  beauty or pain .

Wherever they came from embrace them .  Embrace them and breathe them in so as to experience the sweet release of freedom . Now live and breathe out  while feeling the arrival of luscious laughter and joy .  Joy needing no reason for being . It simply is there for you .  


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