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When Integrity Lies Still

Beating heart Be awakened and fully rise in your integrity . Beating my chest like the Gorilla behind the bars in the Zoo’s engineered  habitat .  Courage comes alive in the pulsing flow of your blood once you hear the cries of harmful tragedies by design . When integrity lies still and turns away from humanity is when humanity is no more . And when  integrity  opens it’s eyes to see that is when life becomes compassion which is blind to the differences  between you and me .

The Eye of the Heart

It Is Possible

It is possible to choose to break an old rhythm and know freedom from bigotry and loosen the grip of  hate .

It is possible to  choose to break an old rhythm and exercise your mind removed from mass  media  and discover a few moments of truth  in the quiet  .

It is possible to choose to break old rhythms of  fear that are false  in  favor of  trust and are born in compassion .

It is possible to choose to break an old rhythm of judgement and in it’s place welcome  the peace that understanding brings .

it is possible to choose  to break an old rhythm of hearing only  the answer that your mind wants to hear and rather listen free from the notions planted long ago .

It is possible to see each other  through the tender, forgiving   eyes  of the heart free from the chains of distrust .

It is a gift that I offer to you  today and every day forward  . i choose to place my thoughts , words and deeds on watch so that I WILL DO NO HARM .




She hides in plain view and  … can be heard singing in your ear .

A melody or a chant rising from within and turning into a declaration of life .

She looks above and over the lines that have been drawn

and sees a clear flight .

She will pound inside your heart  only when the cause is not right .

And tenderly caress your spirit’s wings into peace

and into the night .

‘Walking Across the Water ‘ acrylic 18×24″

The ancient wounds … oh my , we thought you were  gone .   But here you are back again .

We love you not and   You must go… again .

That spinning web of tales that captures the broken ones . Never too late to see .

It’s you and it’s me and we are free .

Whose will shall  be done ?

I see you and know that we are both flesh .  The same love for you as for me .

We are free ,  won’t you see ?

Mon Coeur

I Must Remember

I must remember to awaken my heart

when the cold waves of fear pass over the light .

And in the stillness …

I must remember  to awaken my heart .

when the blindness of others  brings harm

not delight .

I must remember  to awaken my heart

so I may listen

to know your anger  and  offer my hand .

So you  may  know forgiveness

And how it can live in sadness .

I must remember  to awaken my heart

because therein  are  the wings .

The wings are in our hearts

and they yearn to be free .


'Release'    soft chalk pastels    2012 #11

‘Release’ soft chalk pastels 2012


The Gates of Peace

The challenges that I feel

growing in my heart ,

arriving from beyond the gates of peace .

There is a spirit of fire crackling in my blood .

Waiting to roar

and to say it’s release .

This day will not end in anger nor disgrace .

But will leave in color


my heart’s warm embrace .2037-10-29-21-08-17

And with Peace .

Take Hold , This Life Is Ours

I’ve heard the fear  as it roars  and I’ve lifted the cover off of sadness to see .

The change that you asked for is near .  And a chance to be  stronger  outside of your face,

your  anger and fears  is here .

Thank you , I can hear us cheer as   we put down our bitterness  and  take hold of this  life .

Every breath is not a dream and lives in eternity .  So to does the anger  as it buries you alive .

Courage  dear ones  . Do we strike a sword free of malice and instead in loving solidarity  ?

Rejoice in this opportunity   and  view what can be done when are one .