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Ancient Memories

Trees , the kind that seem to free , are welcoming and wispy .

Some seem to have limbs dancing lightly against the sky .

Take pause to listen and they may  speak so that you can hear .

Their wildness in the winds harnesses ancient memories  .

Exposing the might  ,  exposing the fright .

They live so that others may live .

They  give so that you will receive  .

Trees , the kind that always to used to be free  , thank you .


I Belong …


Home in My Soul

Home in My Soul

I belong to the birds and the trees ,

And to the flowers and the sky .

And to the birds and the dreams ,

And to the rivers and the streams .

I belong to the mountains and the hills

And to the stars in the sky .

New Sight

'Layers'   chalk pastels   2013 #37I had to learn how to see her again .  Big, brown eyes mellow and soft when displaying her sensitive nature and fiercely courageous when taking a stand.  These are details of who she was  and  were  tucked safely away within the vitality of love  . Protected from the chaos  and disrepair of grief the moments that had passed between us remained alive .