The Peacefulness of Gratitude

A single moment can change everything or so that’s how we perceive it . Rather it’s a string of moments leading up to one that grabs hold of our desire , our purpose , need . And yet I can be in awe of a single moment and it’s power .

In a single moment one can transform sadness into possibility by taking pause and inviting the experience of gratitude into view .

Gratitude takes us deep within our connections to life . It where we can sense the continuity and beauty of life and our role in it . A single moment when gratitude wells up from inside and flows outward into life nourishing where there is famine and healing where there is brokenness . And there is the peacefulness of gratitude.

Pandemic Passages

The outer flow of rushing about , tactile closeness with all that we seek , filling holes in time and mind abruptly called to cease . A jolt has come .

Suddenly there was silence .

Empty streets and roads eerily made space for contemplation . Birds became renewed in the absence of man’s busyness and their songs rang out in sweetness and joy . Their freedom to soar and to explore quietly inviting a look into one’s soul .

Suddenly we could see .

Sacredness in each breath of all living things is known like never before . “Don’t take my breath away ” we call out while our absence from the hectic activity we crave has been healing the air . The glory of nature set free , her colors rebound as if touched by magic , while we enter a passage …what will we discover ?

Spirit in the Waves

The water invites one’s woes to be carried away ,

as it lightens the spirit and frees ancient aches so that they soar into the heavens .

Relentless rains and their density are something to beware . Their heaviness can be

dreamt away .

The ocean waves and river’s flow tell their stories to our souls . They speak a language

recognizable to our hearts and invite a dance from the depths of our breath into

sacredness .

The World Waits

A quiet dance within where the steps begin with hope and determination . The choice and conviction carry the call to action . Love for the unknown other is on the line .

How you choose wait determines one’s peace of mind . That too is a dance in your mind . A few steps forward into optimism and a step back into fear .

As long as we breathe our dance for freedom will never end .