Home Inside The Stars

The light that naturally lives , even in the darkness .  And a joy that celebrates, though quietly when there is despair. This is home .  The laughter at the door invites you into yourself to recognize that your  life is  sacred  . A challenge or a smile beckons to be released and a gentle  embrace remembers when  moments  were born .

When the  morning song of a single bird was the sweetest sound you’d ever heard . And  when you’d lie on your back ,side by side , in the grass  . Entering  the heavens through sight of the stars  above and knowing somehow that it’s home .

Together again we look up at the clouds , and  breathing  softly and deeply  we relax into the earth beneath us .  She holds us and  gives freedom .  Each breath is a quiet meditation  and  a thank you to life .   We enter our imaginations  and creations . It is Heaven here on earth and it’s Home .



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