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Kindness in an Every Day Life

When I see a face with the weight of sorrow it is a moment of  seeking to love .

If welcomed  into your eyes there  may be softening , a gentle glow when you know you are visible .

When I  see a smile easing itself out from the  depths then the connection becomes alive .

If a breath to show life is shared hen why not the sorrows and the fears ?

When I walk to feel the sweet Earth beneath my feet and pause to know you are feeling her too , then we are connected .

If  a  chance meeting with a song from a bird so close on the branch that the smile overtakes me  so that I think of you .

When given the chance to see how compassion has brought new light for us all  to see

then I am free.


‘ Music of Life ‘ http://chapman-art.com

The Church Bells

A couple of years ago on Easter morning I heard the bells of nearby churches from the back patio of my mother’s home.I can still feel the mix of sadness and celebration in the vibrations of the bells.I thought that,somehow,I could absorb the peacefulness and promise of the new day and store it away for future use.

I had recently entered a whirlwind of new and unexpected challenges.My mother’s end of life journey had just begun.And though I didn’t yet see it,her journey became one with mine.We were both transformed.The only difference was in the details. IMG_1801