I Belong to the Stars

I belong to the birds and to  the trees ,

And the flowers and the sky.

And to the bees and the dreams  and the rivers and the streams .

I belong to the mountains and the hills  and to the stars in the sky .

Wherever  they came  from embrace them . Embrace them and breathe them in so as to experience the sweet release that is freedom .  Now live and breathe out . Feel the arrival of luscious laughter and joy needing no reason to be . Just be . 

Deeply alive to feel it all so true . An easy road not so,  though magnificent  in grace and inexplicable in sorrow .  Either one may be manipulated away should  we choose it . Better to recognize the beauty living in the pain . The stars in the sky as you see them do you wonder silently to yourself ” Am I seeing only the remains of this brilliant, fiery light ? Am I looking straight into it’s death and seeing the beautiful  glow ? ” 

Each moment we embrace  and each breath we take notice of is our gift to eternity . 

'Jewel of Life'    Acrylic 18x17"

‘Jewel of Life’ Acrylic 18×17″


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