The Red Robin on the Path ….

She walked with purpose now feeling fit and paying  attention to the muscles in her legs .  She

thought about how being physically fit was a comfort  to her . It nurtured a sense of

independence  . It lulled her into a place of confidence  , however misleading .

Sometimes she liked to stop along the path and try to breathe it all in .  The

longevity  of some of the trees and the delicate  nature of the smaller blooms optimistic  in their

struggle to grow .  Glancing at the ground and wondering about the exposed roots of a tree.

Does the tree , somehow , sense it’s vulnerability ?   Does it find a way to protect itself  by

strengthening itself in other ways ?

She was startled out of her thoughts by  rustling sounds  and the faint , deep

cries of …what is an animal ? Or perhaps simply  the winds howling so as not to be left out of

the mysteries of the path .

……….to be continued

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