Stillness in Motion

Each step taken on the Pilgrim’s path brought me closer to the peaceful place that dwells deep beneath the surface of daily distractions.

Each step was like a meditation that opened a door to a  deeper, more intimate connection to the energy of my soul.

It enhanced and strengthened both the seen and unseen threads of connection to all life. It was an unexpected gift from this ” stillness in motion” .

And It was my mother’s end of life passage that initially reacquainted me with the inner quiet that can be found within  motion. Each step of her journey brought her closer to quietude.  I could see on her face, and in her eyes , that she had entered a part of herself that was still and yet flowing onward like a river. Peaceful in a way that, I imagine, comes from the pureness of trust and love, with out boundaries, without expectations. It was thanks to her that I received a glimpse of the peace residing in my own heart and felt the freedom that comes from acceptance. This was the first of many unexpected gifts.'Stillness in Motion'

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