Freedom …Where Is It ?

Independence implies freedom from oppression . And as I listen to the sounds fireworks celebrating independence I can’t help but think of the freedoms recently lost in a United States Supreme Court by justices nominated by an authoritian , egomaniac and his political sycophants .

I can’t help but think of the Ukrainian people and how the same sounds are terrifying as they fight for their lives and freedoms .

Freedom requires that all people participate . Active participation . Vote , write letters , call representatives , sign petitions and walk , march and demonstrate . The problem with that is that so many of us are simply exhausted just trying to survive . And that’s what happens when the divide amongst the people with opportunity ( education, healthcare , nutrtion and career opportunities ) and those that don’t is too great .

Do we have the to vote ? Yes , but when people can’t physically get to a polling place to do so because they can’t leave a low paying job in order to cast their vote …well , where is the freedom in that ?

When the premise of a society , a culture and a government is driven by love of money then we are creating a free society but rather one of suffering .

It is not too late . We still have the ability to evolve and be better and do better .

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