The Voices of Liberty

We cling to our honor as the shock dissipates . And back again it comes .

Wrestling with fears and seeking desperately  for a moment with ease .

We  ask  each other  ” what do we do ?” again and again .

Holding dear each new bit of news .

Changing all the time . Changing all the time . Changing all the time .

Unrest and ill at ease  and yet ….

Strangers now willing to look in each other’s  eyes


and smile .


A gentleness has appeared in the face of the fear .

The preciousness of moments are real .

and the   uncertainty  was always  here .

Only now it lives in  the inhale and exhale  and doesn’t  leave .

I hold the glimpses of warmth in  faces  so dear

feeling comfort in knowing our connections are real .








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