Trees are Sleeping

The slumber of the  winter has taken hold and suddenly I am wide awake .  In the dark blue  sky  of the night the comfort takes hold from seeing the  beautiful  lights abound .  Feel yourself lifted up into the universe .  It’s as if all of the energy moving through us is about to release itself from the boundaries of the  earth  and soar .  Why do we ever fear ?

In the darkness my soul can see where my eyes cannot . Trust .  When I step onto a trail that is new to me there is exhilaration . A sense of wonderment . Again trust ,  At some point along the way  hints of doubt nudge my  thoughts . Small pokes here and there .   When, after a long time has passed , and  I haven’t seen another  soul  a release is the loveliest  of responses .  .  A deep breath in while  looking up into the mighty trees and infinite sky all fears are released  . Merriment returns easily to my steps  and the joy in living is safe .

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