The Return to New Mexico

As I travelled further and further away from the density of cities and suburbs a lightness entered and surrounded me.
The changing landscapes and cloud formations brought feelings of elevation and elation to my spirit.
All the worry over possessions was released and the joy of each moment was as far as my mind could wander.
It was, in some ways, like a return to home. In other ways it felt new and invigorating.

The grandness of the earth alongside the majesty of the sky brought imaginings of having wings. Life became limitless as I welcomed my spirit as the guiding force.

My heart was touched , over and over again, by the openness and kindness of the people I crossed paths with along the way.
At rest stops, gas stations and cafes strangers paused long enough to share pieces of their lives with me. These gifts included hopes for the future, heartache from loss and the renewals of faith. As I listened to each recounting , my own heart seemed to open deeper and wider.

This was connecting with my fellows. Simplicity, compassion, and humor without ego, without expectation. It was grace and I am grateful.











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