The Messenger

Soaring gently through the sky

on a bird made by man,

A messenger arrived.He was large and loud.

A sense of joyous openness began stirring as I witnessed his freedom,

Thanks to faith.

This messenger turned to me out of a crowd and asked

“Do you see them?”

“see what?” I replied.

“The angels…..right there…dancing in the clouds”.

This person and I crossed paths on a day that was filled with uncertainty for me.I had spent the week before interviewing home hospice and caregiver organizations.The choice had to be made swiftly.I was taking my mother back to her home for her end of life journey.

In a matter of a couple of days everything was in place.It was a whirlwind that seemed to be happening in slow motion.

As soon as I was reasonably confident that my mom was safe and comfortable and that my stepfather was managing to accept all the dramatic changes taking place I flew back to my recently,former life to put it into some kind of order.

I met with my daughter and her dad to talk about was taking place.They offered their unconditional love and support.I met with my employer who had developed into a friend over the years.She too gave understanding and support.It was time to pack for an indefinite stay in my mom’s home.

In some ways I felt as if I’d just lost my sight.At the same time I felt more sure than I’d ever felt before in my life.I couldn’t see the next step,but I knew it would become clear as needed.I felt guided.Image

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